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Peonies - Planting and Care

Peonies Peonies like the sun - plant them in a sunny or partially sunny location. Add bonemeal and compost to the soil. Plant roots so that the eyes (small pink growths) are facing upward and will not be more than two inches below the surface. Peonies that do not bloom are often planted too deeply or they are in complete shade. Peonies love cold weather. They need to be watered in warm weather.

When planting from containers, follow the same rules. Gently loosen the plant from the container, trying not to disturb the roots. Plant at the same soil level as the plant was in the container.

Peonies In the early spring, 10-20-20 fertilizer may be used. A fungus, Botrytis, may occur in the early spring. If so, remove infected or wilted parts or use a fungicide at two week intervals.

Peonies are in full bloom after three years. Our peonies often bloom in the first year because the roots are fresh. Commercial peonies are frozen for a year or more before they are sold and therefore can take longer to bloom. Do not be discouraged if one does not bloom until the second year.

Most importantly: Enjoy!