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About Us

Deason Family Ginnie and Jon Deason have been growing peonies in the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon for over 30 years. They can be found selling cut-flowers and taking orders for peony plants, which they ship in the early spring, at the local Grower's Markets in Southern Oregon. As the peonies bloom at different times throughout the season, the Deasons always have a fresh selection of cut-flowers, an impressive bouquet each week!

Ginnie and Jon consistantly grow and sell over 25 varieties each year. The peonies are very well cared for and the roots are never frozen, as is sometimes the case with commercially grown peonies. This encourages the peonies to begin flowering sooner, sometimes even in the first year!

Deason Family The Deason Peony Farm is located just outside of Ashland, Oregon in the southern end of the Rogue Valley, a wonderful place to grow peonies!

Ginnie grew up in the midwest and has many fond memories of peonies, one of her family's favorite flowers. She vividly recalls the bouquet of peonies from home that accompanied her to college each year at the University of Iowa.

Peonies have a rich history, beginning in Asia, and traveling throughout the world as a symbol of beauty and tradition. Ginnie and Jon are thrilled to share some of this tradition with you.

To learn more about ordering peonies from Deason Peonies, please visit our Contact Us page.